Panama is the best destination for retirement

Panama is the best destination for retirement

Where do you plan to retire? Many people say that the best place is Florida, in the USA. But is there an ideal country? Yes, and it remains in Latin America. According to International Living magazine, it is Panama, a country that because of its infrastructure, climate and legal and financial benefits is the ideal destination for pensioners.

Panama stands out in a list dominated by Latin American countries: 6 of the 10 recommended sites to retire in the Annual Retirement Index are countries in the region. The index is focused on the English-speaking pensioner community, so destinations are prevalent if English is a language that is used frequently.

The country of the isthmus has been number one in the index 10 times, and this year it is in the first place in the categories of benefits and discounts, visa, government and development. In addition, it stands out in the categories of lifestyle and entertainment and amenities.

«For expats from the United States, Panama is convenient because the currency is the dollar. No matter where you are from, you are likely to appreciate the fact that there are many English speakers in Panama, especially among the well-trained medical community. The center that is the Tocumen International Airport facilitates the flight from Panama to almost anywhere in the world … often without stops, «says International Living.

The hook: the National Program for Retirees; Pensioners and Senior Citizens offered by the Panamanian State: a program of special benefits for retirees, including discounts in movie theaters, theaters, concerts and sporting events, as well as air and land transportation tickets, electricity bills and hospitals and hotels. To apply for permanent residence as a retiree or pensioner, the applicant must demonstrate economic solvency to live in the country.

International Living highlights the tropical, warm climate of Panama, as well as its location away from the so-called hurricane alley of the Atlantic. Its geography is paradisiacal: the magazine mentions the beaches in Coronado and Bocas del Toro, which stand out as clean destinations and not very prone to crowds.

In addition to being a country with low tax burden, Panama has a good health system and developed country infrastructure in its capital, Panama City, which is home to approximately half of the country’s residents and the only capital city in the world that owns a tropical jungle within its urban limits. Its old quarter has been carefully restored, but what is most striking is its skyline, the skyline of towers and skyscrapers that has emerged victoriously in recent years.

These developments make Panamanians – and other residents – feel happy: at least that indicates the Happy Place index. The annual list, which measures the performance of nations to achieve «long, happy and sustainable lives», called Panama the sixth happiest place in the world.

How not to want to retire there?

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Fuente: CNN en Español

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